Thank frack that year is over

Thank goodness it’s 2015 at last.

Have you heard many of your friends say that? Have you said it yourself?

Two and even three years ago I was in that space, I was full of utter relief that such a horrible year was over. Except the next two years weren’t any good either. I went through such a dark, bleak time in my life. I became infertile, my husband returned from a war zone and developed PTSD, my marriage fell apart, one of my best friends died and it felt like my entire soul had been smashed into thousands of pieces and were never going to be put back together again.

When life is so dark like that, new year really is like the silver lining is within your grasp.  There is something about that midnight countdown which gives us hope that next year could be different.

It is up to us to grab that hope and do something with it.  Take actions which will make that new reality come true.  For me, well I have a tenacious spirit, I dug deep, I found inner strength which really shouldn’t have existed, I became a warrior determined to find the right healing to put my soul back together. Which I did (my ex-husand and I are now best friends!)

When we set our intention, no matter what else is going on, we can create the emotional energy to keep going. Even when the going gets rough.


I had three years of being glad to see in a new year. Each year an opportunity to move onwards, upwards, towards something new, something different.

I often hear it said that “we create our own reality, “it’s the law of attraction; self fulfilling prophecies, we get what we put out there”. Of course all these have their place.

I say, We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can choose how we react to it.  Therein lies our sanity, our freedom.

So this year? Well 2014 was tough year for me.  The previous year I was struggling with a return of symptoms from the medical condition endometriosis and 2014 it got really bad. I had to cancel many courses, pull back on my clinic hours. I couldn’t see friends as a 10 minute drive was all I could manage before the pain debilitated me.  I had surgery (I react really badly to anesthetic) and it was only partially successful. Yes it was a tough year.

Am I glad to see 2015? Definitely, I’m so excited about picking up all the courses and plans I made and couldn’t do last year?

Am I glad to see the back of 2014? No, it was a great year, I spent all summer convalescing in the sunshine, my creative juices were flowing for all sorts of fun for this year, I had and implemented a great strategy to nurture my body, mind and soul. All in all it was a fascinating year for self awareness, staying with choices which make me happy.  It worked, I was in a place of peace, acceptance and through that previous tenacious spirit of warrior and healing I leave 2014 behind with a sense of achievement.

Even better it has inspired me to create a series of online courses for 2015. These will be me sharing my skills, strategies and techniques to Create Your Reality. #affirmations #copingwithillness #mantras #meditations (Let me know if you’re interested.)


We never know what life has in store, what challenges we will meet, what delights are in store for us. New Year is a great time to draw a line and face the world with a new brave face. We can of course choose to draw that line any time we want.

Anytime we need to be brave, new, determined, joyful (*delete as applicable) we can make that decision.

The actions we take next, are very much dependant on the strength of that decision.  Placing our reality firmly in our own hands.

Create a Happy 2015

Create a Happy 2015


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  1. Great sentiments Joanne. Interesting to read your story and how you’ve risen above your challenges and used your downtime in creation.

    I was glad 2014 was over then a wise friend said she had journaled about the year that had gone. In this I discovered so much positivity, great things that had made a huge difference, not just to my life.

    I was then able to let go of 2014, breathe out and move forward with a skip in my step.
    Wishing you an amazing 2015!

  2. placing our reality firmly in our hands” – couldn’t agree more – and would add – it is in our hands and our heart. So glad you had a wonderful 2014…and that wonderful radiates out in everything you do. Happy 2015 amazing Joanne, to you and your readers!

  3. Thanks Joanne, this really resonated with me – lots of 2014 was fairly rubbish for me, with lots of loss and ill health within my family, going onto to impact on the amount of time I could dedicate to my work BUT I led a group of women to the rooftop of North Africa, walked 121 fires in one evening, and wrote my first book…….. bring on 2015, whatever it may hold!

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