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How to live in peace with Endo

Fight Like A Girl. This is the rallying cry of my endo sisters.  It’s a true one. Living with endometriosis or adenomysosis is one long never ending battle. A fight to get a diagnosis. A fight to get effective treatment. … Continue reading

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Talking is a waste of time.

Women love to talk, and men don’t! Personally I don’t buy into this sweeping separation of the sexes. We all know know people who fall into both camps. Many men love a good gossip, many women would rather sit back … Continue reading

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NLP for the 21st Century.

Post World War II Japan had a meteoric economic rise and technological advancement. Contained within their culture was to successfully replicate the behaviour and lifestyle of those in positions of power, influence and innovation. Those wishing to climb the corporate … Continue reading

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Hypnosis – Jester or Superhero?

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Magic Tool or Brain Washing? Hypnosis is an interesting tool in the world of personal achievement. A natural ability that all human beings, and even animals possess. An ability that like no other crosses from the world of therapy … Continue reading

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Helping is the New Business Model

It’s not enough to want to heal the world When I first did my Kinesiology training 15 years ago, there was no business training provided. It didn’t even occur to me that there could be. Or that there should be. … Continue reading

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