The Secrets of Self Sabotage

The Key to Self Sabotage

Joanne Reeves-Baker, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor.

It’s a common theme, regardless of your niche, your clientèle or your particular issue, that feeling of shooting yourself in the foot.

Of Being in the Same Place Again!!!

I have a developed a highly effective and powerful technique which totally transforms you and your clients self sabotaging habits.

Behind all self sabotage is the desire to protect. Yet in a strange self-fulfilling prophecy way, that sabotage invariably achieves what it is trying to protect you from.

For example – A fear of public speaking is protecting you from getting laughed at. However, because you hate public speaking, when you try it, you stuff it up, you sound terrible and you make all kinds of mistakes and people end up laughing at you.

Sometimes your inner saboteur is very easy to spot. It’s a loud voice telling you ‘you can’t do that‘; ‘you’re not good enough to do that‘; or ‘who do you think you are‘.

Other times your inner saboteur is much more like a ninja: silent but deadly. You only see its devastating effects when it’s way too late to do anything about it.

Resistance is Futile

Having a dialogue with your inner saboteur is no easy feat. Most coaches out there will recommend that you ignore that critical voice, that you shout it down, or tell it to shut up.

This is the very worst thing that you could do and is a personal bug bear of mine to which I slow down time so I can yell out noooooooooooooooo in slow motion at that coach! To stop someone doing more damage and giving your inner-saboteur exactly what they want – no matter how much you ignore that inner voice or try and try and shout louder, the voice will still be there and still be heard.

Photography by Jessica MaseyOur soul and our life experiences are very complicated and complex creations. We’re a product of both spiritual awareness and biological imperatives.

We begin our lives enthralled to the lessons held in our genetic code, which means that we process events, learn and grow in a very particular way when we are young.

It’s only as an enlightened adult can we begin to make choices that are not bound by our biology or our social conditioning.

However, our saboteur belongs to that animal kingdom. A remnant from our strong desire to survive. As such it needs to be treated with the same care and compassion as we would an animal or a child.

Yes of course you can train a child or animal to obedience through fear and violence, and this sadly has happened many, many times throughout history. It never ends well.

Yet we also know we achieve so much more through Kindness, Engagement and Education.

So why don’t you give your own mind anything less?


What would happen if you treated your inner critic with compassion?

What would happen if you treated your inner critic with compassion?

Why would your inner saboteur pay you any attention if you keep on yelling at it?

It has something very important to tell you and you’re not listening.

Why would your inner saboteur help you out if you keep on ignoring it, shoving it away into the corner, pretending it doesn’t exist.

Well that’s just not very nice is it!!

From Demons to Angels
When you engage with your inner saboteur in the right way, with the right understanding and being prepared to reach a compromise for your own good; you will find that inner gremlin becomes your greatest ally.
They usually end up feeling ashamed and apologising for their behaviour, but you forgive them because they were trying to protect you all along. They just didn’t know how and you didn’t know what to do about it.

Take me to the next level
I am very happy to share more of my knowledge about the Self Sabotage Process and how to shift it in your life or your clients lives. Do get in touch with comments or questions and lets start being nice to our inner saboteur for a change.

NLP unlocking neurological answersThe Signs of Self Sabotage:
If you are interested in learning more about self sabotage then you can download my e-book for  0.99p. 

Working with your own Inner Saboteur:
I offer 1 to 1 mentoring to transform your demon into your angel. The inner rebel, the frustrated romantic, the poverty princess, whoever your inner saboteur may be, their life, and yours can be transformed.

Full intensive day or three month programmes are available. Drop me a text 07790 035 963 to arrange a chat to find out more.

Add the Self Sabotage Process to your tool kit.
If you would like to become a self sabotage expert, if you feel that this is the missing piece which your clients need then you can train with me.
This trademarked process is only available through the Advanced Transformation Academy.

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  1. I really agree – we are often so hard on ourselves, and the consequences are rarely positive when we forget to be gentle with ourselves, and all aspects of our inner voice

  2. You’re so right Joanne. My saboteur never responds to shouting or accusations.
    Love and understanding are a much more effective way of bringing her onside!

    Great blog!

  3. I found your blog so clear and direct. It also offers the important realisation that the part of us we are trying to push away really wants to be close then it has such gifts for us. And yes, I agree that it started out as our protector. Thank you x

  4. academy

    So true, I love love love your expression of focusing on joy. The number of time during the negotiation it turns out all the inner critic wants to do really is just go off and play, and stop doing this protection role!! I can see how play is actually about being joyful.

  5. Love your photo Joanne – I agree that ignoring something is not a good idea, however there is such a fine line between indulging in it and honouring ones weakness rather than simply focusing on what you can do with joy – that is true sou co-operation!

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