NLP for the 21st Century.

Post World War II Japan had a meteoric economic rise and technological advancement. Contained within their culture was to successfully replicate the behaviour and lifestyle of those in positions of power, influence and innovation. Those wishing to climb the corporate ladder would not only replicate the behaviour of the senior management by walking like them, talking to people the same way, turning up and leaving on the same time frame, but they would dress like them, drive the same car, eat the same food. They would model themselves on those exceptional people and aim to become exceptional themselves. Japan’s economic and technological record speaks for itself on how effective this was.

Fast-forward a few decades and the creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler and John Grinder) considered that the skills of exceptional people can be modelled and therefore replicated by anyone (once again the minds of the West play catch up to those of the Far East). So in the 1970s NLP was born and caused a revolution in the West with how we create success.

However, we are always moving forward. The neurological studies of the 1960s that NLP was based on have long been disproven and it is accepted that the pure NLP techniques are nothing more than a very effective placebo. Despite some myths and fears, absolutely no one can be ‘programmed’ to do anything they don’t want to, it is impossible. Hypnosis does, and always has, provided suggestion and it is down to the individual if they choose to act on that suggestion (those of you that have seen Derren Brown’s work will see this in action).

NLP as a brand of personal development has moved on as well and now, in any NLP course at any level, it is made up of the placebo techniques of pure NLP as well as coaching and mentoring, psychological theories, Human Resource Management and motivation, Transactional Analysis, with the bulk of NLP now owing much to the proven effectiveness of hypnosis (Hypnosis is a real phenomenon and it is proving increasingly useful to psychologists and neuroscientists, granting new insights into mental processes and medically unexplained neurological disorders, British Psychological Society, 2013).

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