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Hypnosis; the tool for transformation

Being a coach , mentor or therapist is about empowering your client to change their current reality for a new and improved one. Part of doing that is using a variety of intervention tools and techniques.

However, coaching and many therapies only ever deals with the conscious mind and as many of you know, it’s the subconscious mind that drives our actions and behaviours.

If you have desires of

  • increasing your effectiveness with clients,
  • of seeing more clients,
  • getting a reputation as being a leader in your sector,
Using hypnosis to work with the subconscious mind.

Connecting with who is really in charge.

then you need to become a psychdynamic practionner and become certified in Psychodynamic Hypnosis.

The transformational power of hypnosis is well documented, as is the huge range of applications in helping people be the best they can, or move on from redundant or destructive behavior patterns.

You may have studied a little bit of hypnosis if you have completed any NLP training (either at Practitioner or Master Practitioner levels), but if you think about it, NLP is at the opposite end of hypnosis; the former technique is predicated on programming the conscious mind, the latter uses the power of suggestion and empowerment direct to the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis for change

The quick path to change

Our training will provide not only the powerful, yet gentle transformation techniques that come with hypnosis and hypnotherapy (and not all of it needs to be done in a trance state).

You will also receive training on Psychodynamic Self-Sabotage™, a truly revolutionary technique that frees up your client from destructive past behaviours and empowers them to take charge of their goals and achieve them!

The Certificate in Psychodynamic Hypnosis includes more than just hypnosis training, you’ll also receive training on psychological theories and performance interventions including Transactional Analysis and age regression.

This course will help separate you from all the other coaches/therapists that have done the same old training as everyone else. You will have more tools at your disposal and a greater understanding of how and why your clients do what they do (and why they don’t always do what they’ve agreed to!). You’ll no longer be a coach, you’ll be a SupercoachSupercoach; you’ll no longer be a therapist, you will be a transformation specialist and with that you’ll be able to make your business soar! 


Fast Track Hypnosis Training

Fast Track Hypnosis Training

This is the fast track course only open to those that have already studied coaching/therapy and as such we’ve taken into account your previous experience and knowledge so unlike some courses where you have to cover ground you’ve already proven expertise in, right from the start we jump in with new knowledge and skills.

The course encompasses 50 hours of practical tuition and 100 hours of home study.
The practical element of the course takes place over 2 months.
The next course dates are: May 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and June 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th.

The course fee is £900 including all course materials. Payment plan available.

To apply or find out more fill in the box in the right hand column. Drop us a text to arrange a conversation 07974 671 323. Email

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