Advanced Weight Management Technique

Become an EXPERT in weight management

CPD Masterclass for the Ditch The Diet Programme.

This course whilst designed for trained hypotherapists, is also applicable for NLP coaches and Nutritionists.

The modern lifestyle has created a growing problem of obesity and a plethora of diets and fads that just don’t work.

The truth is, its not just about eating or the foods. We have a complex relationship with eating, it has become linked to our emotional and mental well being, instead of a necessity for our survival.

This is one of the many reasons why diets fail. They do not recognise those other needs that food are meeting, and they further restrict our choices. No wonder so many of us rebel against a diet.

Image of apple and scales. Weight loss training for hypnotherapists.Having a highly effective weight loss programme is the corner stone of a strong hypnotherapy practice. It is a skill that is in high demand and will lead to both referral and repeat clients.

When your clients undergo the Ditch The Diet programme, they will gain a greater understanding of themselves, their motivations and their true potential to be in control of their lives.

The power of hypnosis allows your clients to make changes to their eating habits without them really noticing. Without it being a big deal. Eating smaller portions, eating less often, making better choices.
They make choices which can keep them healthy for life.

The training gives you a complete 5 session programme. On this programme you will train your clients so that they take control of their eating habits on a permanent basis.

This is not a quick fix or a simple positive suggestion programme. Your client will understand their personal food story, the history behind the pattern and how to change that pattern.

Image of body and tape measure. Ditch The Diet Training.

Deliver the Ditch The Diet Programme

This course includes:

Five Food Stories
Understanding the five types, their history, their relevance today, how to prioritise if your client has more than one story and how to change the story.

Ditch The Diet Programme
Creating this ability within your client comes from awakening their power of choice. Using key information to create an aversion response to certain food groups you will retrain your clients pain and pleasure reactions to food.

The Evolved Animal
Understanding the role of evolution and our biological needs are a key piece of this training. Many clients have lost their connection to their hunger/thirst or the body’s stop signal. This technique enables your client to listen to their bodies needs.

Making changes in lifestyle can be very emotional and reveal deeper problems which will need resolving first. Coaching your client through this is key to their success. You will learn where the danger points are for your clients to keep them on their programme.

For hypnotherapists you will be supplied with scripts to pre-record MP3’s for your clients and scripts to use during sessions. You will also receive the full scripts for the Virtual Gastric Band technique.


Attendance on this course gives you 5 hours accredited CPD training.
(Professional membership and insurance must be provided.)

Course Dates and Locations

Spring Term:

Chichester, West Sussex.

9th May 2015

4th July 2015

The fee for this training is £130 payable in advance. Refunds will not be available but your place can be transferred to someone else.

Having a strong weight loss programme is a corner stone for creating a strong Hypnotherapy practice. As you build up your skill at delivering this programme you can increase your pricing structure accordingly.


You need to have a minimum foundation level training in hypnotherapy to use the scripts.
NLP Coaches and Nutritionists will be able to use the Ditch The Diet programme to great effect.
To increase your success rates we recommend further training in the following areas (you can train with us)
Bereavement, Sexual Abuse, Childhood Trauma, Age Regression, Past Life Regression.

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