Hypnosis For Beginners and Hypno-Meditation

I frequently hear people say that  “I can’t meditate“, they get distracted or can’t visualise. I’m one of them!! I’m just useless at meditation, my mind wonders, I can’t ‘see’ what ever I’m supposed to be looking at. Yet I know the benefits of regular meditation on mind and body are indisputable. So now whenever I’m required to meditate, I simply access a very light state of self hypnosis instead. Of course, being in a hypnotic state is very similar to the meditative state, but it’s a different level of awareness, and one which I have found to create even more benefits than meditation alone.

Image of a lady on a sofa by the sea. Quote reads: 'Hypnosis and meditation operate in those misty levels between awake and sleep.'

The principle of meditation and trance are the same.  They both work in harmony with the bodies natural Circadian and Ultradian Rhythms.

Ultradian Rhythms are present when we are both awake and asleep. Those moments whilst sleeping when we become aware we need to change positions, those moments when awake when we seem to ‘zone’ out for a while and have no idea what our friend has just been talking about. The hypnotic trance however works at a deeper level than meditation.

When in trance the activity of the conscious mind is irrelevant (whilst it can be distracting during a meditation), being able to visualise is easier whilst under trance and accessing inner truths is clearer.

Thus a greater access to answers from the Intuition, to impressing new ideas in vision or word upon the subconscious mind is available through hypnotic trance. This is key as it’s when the subconscious mind is in agreement and alignment with your suggestions or visualisations that quicker results are felt in the physical world. Image of sand dunes and sea with the quote: 'When the subconscious mind is in agreement the quicker the results.'

Hypno-Meditation (or hypnosis for beginners) Training

This course combines the benefits of working with both hypnosis and meditation.

It is perfect for coaches and therapists who are currently using, or seek to use the basics of hypnosis or increase the effectiveness of meditation in their practice. This tool will increase the power of the inner work you do with your clients.

By the end of the course you will enjoy attracting clients who don’t normally respond to meditations and increase the effectiveness of achieving their goals.  You will learn:

  • The Hypnotic Voice
  • Timing and Tempo
  • Passive and Authoritative Suggestions
  • Power of Metaphor
  • How to Cope with Unexpected Results

Please note: you will not be learning the skill of how to use hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention.

Hypnotherapy is an entirely different combination of skills, knowledge and abilities. If you wish to make deeper healing and transformations with your clients then training in our psychodynamic hypnosis diploma or psychodynamic hypnosis certification will be of benefit to you and your business.

Hypno-Meditation is a skill that allows you to:

  • Give your clients a tremendous will power boost from within
  • Embed the goals of sessions deep in the subconscious mind
  • End your sessions in a calm, peaceful and empowered space for your client
  • Increase the success of your meditations
Testimonial From Marie Claire, which reads: 'That has got to have been the most restful and restorative workshop ever! My students love their hypno-meditations.'


Testimonial from Inspired PR, which reads: 'Great day training in hypno-meditation, I'll be employing it at the next inspired PR Star Day. Lovely transofrmational tool.'


Next training is on Wednesday 3rd April in West Sussex and costs £150.

Please contact Joanne 07790 035963 with any questions and/or use the form below to register your interest.

Upon booking we require a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 to confirm your place. This is only refundable if we need to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances or we will offer you an alternative training date. Full payment due 1 week before the course commences.

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Let us know if you have questions, would like to a call to check this is right for you, or would like to book up straight away.

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