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Psychodynamic Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching & Mentoring, Hypnotherapy, these are tools which are unparalled when it comes to really helping people.

Psychodynamic Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching & Mentoring, and Hypnotherapy are all tools that are unparalleled when it comes to really helping people.

When your passion is help people, to facilitate someone getting back on their own two feet, to being stronger, fitter and happier than ever before, then training in hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP is what you need to make that fulfilling career happen for you.
Unlike other complementary techniques and talking therapies, hypnosis empowers change to be made at the subconscious level, where all the real decisions are made. This is why when you work with hypnosis and you see your clients succeeding quickly, easily and permanently

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Understand the workings of the subconscious mind.

Have a Career With Hypnosis

It is not enough to just have the skills required to be a hypnotherapist or an NLP practitioner. We want you to go out there and create a thriving practice.

The setting up and running a business element is an integral part of this course. How to have a successful practice as a start up business.

Understanding marketing, promotion, pricing.
Growing your business.

This is not just a course to add another skill to your toolkit. If you would like that please look at our certification in hypnosis course 

This is a course to grow your career.

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Business Transformation

The Scope of Your New Career

Of course having hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP coaching in your toolkit is merely the beginning. Whatever your passion in life you can create personal achievement for your clients. We will support your training in whatever niche, speciality or sector you wish to work in.

Image of hypnosis quote: 'Hypnosis is only effective when your client learns to use it for their own personal achievements. Then its effectiveness is unparalleled.'This could be:

  • Working with children
  • Training and development
  • Confidence, self esteem
  • Recovering from trauma
  • PTSD
  • Health and medical
  • Weight management and eating disorders
  • Bereavement
  • Phobias and Public Speaking
  • Hypno-birth
  • Pain management

What Will I Learn?

How to apply all of those skills to run a successful personal development business.

~ Hypnosis
~ Hypnotherapy
~ Mentoring
~ Psychological theories
~ Past Lives
~ Dream Analysis
~ Confidence Building
~ Anxiety
~ Heal emotional trauma
~ Motivation
~ Leadership
~ Business


  • Hypnotic Inductions and Metaphors
  • The Hypnotic Voice
  • Transference & Counter Transference
  • Working with Minors & Vulnerable Adults
  • Creating powerful suggestions
  • Age Regression
  • Trance work
  • Personality theories
  • Self awareness
  • Ego, id, superego
  • Understanding the subconscious
  • Right brain/left brain activity
  • Psychodynamic techniques
  • Human Behaviour
  • Dream Analysis



  • Representational Systems
  • Sub Modalities
  • Anchoring
  • Power of Language
  • Brain/Mind Interaction
  • Symbolism and the brain
  • Master techniques



  • Rapport Building
  • Questioning techniques
  • Listening techniques
  • Creating competence
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Resistant clients
  • Provocative coaching
  • Maslow & Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Self Sabotage
  • Achieving Goals


Business and Practice Management

  • Setting up Your Business For Success
  • How to Market for Results
  • Personal Marketing Strategy
  • Creating Client Growth
  • Managing your Business Finances
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Packaging Strategy
  • How to Promote
  • How to Find Clients
  • Align Your Business with Your Lifestyle


Full Time Course

Our next full time course is December 2015.

Part Time Courses

A 10 month programme with practical training taking place once a month, as a 2 day weekend.
Chichester commences 10th January 2015.*  You can still join this class until Feb 7th.

Next course commences 10th September 2015. Venue to be confirmed. Please register your interest.



£2,500 or payment plan by arrangement.
*The Chichester 2014 is currently offering a £500 discount. Please contact us for details.
We also offer easy payment options to spread the cost of the Diploma in Psychodynamic Hypnosis.


Prior Learning and Experience

Hypnosis training for coaches, therapists and healers

Hypnosis for coaches, therapists and healers

If you already work as a practitioner in a different field, a shorter course may be more appropriate for you. Please contact Roger to discuss your recognition of prior learning and achievement as you may get credit against the Diploma in Psychodynamic Hypnosis. Use the contact us box in the right hand column.

Your Accreditation

  • Psychodynamic Hypnosis Diploma (Dip H)
  • Business Skills Certification
  • Master NLP Practionner
  • Therapeutic Mentoring Certification
  • Weight Loss & Virtual Gastric Band
  • Advanced Phobia Techniques
  • Smoking Aversion Expert


Is this course for you?

Are you looking for a total career change and want to learn all the skills you need to build a successful therapy of NLP coaching business?

Do you have a background in a complementary therapy and want to accelerate your career?  Coaches, psychotherapists, counsellers, healers who want to take their healing to a deeper level.

Please do contact either of the trainers to discuss any of the course content or your suitability for training. Or use the sign up box in the right hand column to receive up to date information about our courses.

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