Roger Burrell

BA (Hons) MBA(HR) MInstLM

Mobile: 07974 671323

Image of Roger Burrell, BA (Hons) MBA(HR) MInstLM

Roger Burrell

Roger spent 15 years in the Royal Air Force, working in personnel. Travelling all around the world he has built up an expanse of knowledge and expertise working with people from a variety of backgrounds, coaching them to achieve their best.

He has spent the last decade working in Employee Relations, specifically Learning and Development. Roger is qualified in teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector, an NVQ assessor, a highly trained and experienced leadership and management facilitator and coaching manager. Roger graduated from Sunderland University with an honours degree in Business Management in 2010, and in 2013 graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a Masters degree in Business Administration. Roger runs his own business offering consultant services to women entrepreneurs, coaching and mentoring them to maximise their business results.

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