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Diploma in Psychodynamic Hypnosis

Diploma in Psychodynamic Hypnosis

Our trademark hypnotherapy diploma has a strong psychodynamic focus. It is available as a 10 month part time course and a four week full time course.

This training is aimed at those who are undertaking a complete career change.

It includes certification in coaching, mentoring, master NLP and advanced psychodynamic techniques.

In addition there is a strong business element to this course. You will start the building blocks for your practice from the very beginning.   Click here for full details.


NLP & Master NLP Practionner

NLP & Master NLP Practionner

The Psychodynamic Hypnosis Diploma offers a higher level of training than the Master Practionner NLP qualification. So it is included in the full diploma (above).

If you already have some NLP training the Hypnotherapy Certification qualification may be a better route for you.

Click here to learn more about using NLP as a therapeutic technique. 





Hypnosis training for coaches, therapists and healers

Hypnosis training for coaches

Certification in Psychodynamic Hypnosis Diploma.

This course is designed specifically for coaches and therapists who wish to take their healing and transformation to a deeper level.

The course gives full training on the psychodynamic method and practical tools and techniques using hypnosis.

This course does not offer NLP or business training, it is pure hypnotherapy.  Click here for more information



Image of apple and scales. Weight loss training for hypnotherapists.

Advanced Weight Management

CPD Training for Hypnotherapists and Health Coaches.
This is a 5 step programme which you can adapt for clients who wish to loose weight, wish to gain weight or need to adopt a new eating regime for medical or health reasons. Having a strong programme for weight loss can be the corner stone of a strong therapy practice.
Click here for full details


Image of hypnotic eye: Training in hypno meditation, a hypnosis course for beginners

Hypno-meditation training

A workshop for therapists who are interested in in adding hypnosis to their toolkit. This gives you the basics of using hypnosis in a light state of trance. Ideal for therapists and coaches who use meditations and wish to make them more effective for their clients.
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