Extra Hour

How often do you get to the end of the day and wish you had another hour?

What about when you’ve been spending time with family and friends, or doing something you enjoy, do you desperately plead with the universe to give you more time?

I’d like to share with you how you can start getting that extra hour and more every day, and it will only cost you 10 minutes of your time.

There is an increasing demand on our time, work pressures build up and before we know it, we have entered the cycle of creating more and more stress for ourselves as we pile on further pressure to be the perfect parent/husband/wife/partner/work colleague/friend or boss.

All too often, it is a matter of time before something gives: we quit the job we once loved, or the partner that made us happy years ago. Maybe you can’t make it to every school event your children are in, or even if you are there, you’re still on your mobile, so your attention is split.  Add to all of that the well documented health risks associated with elevated levels of stress, putting both our physical and mental wellbeing at risk.

Image with quote: 'The stress of trying to find time is when you loose time.'

From today I want you to start doing things differently and it will only take five minutes when you wake up and five minutes before you go to sleep: self-hypnosis.

Hypnosis allows you to access your Ultradian rhythms, commonly known for being a state associated with R.E.M. sleep, a state when our brain ‘sorts out’ our experiences of the day.  Hopefully to quell some myths associated with hypnosis, you remain in total control and no-one is going to make you cluck like a chicken around the office (unless you really want to, but then that’s down to you!).

A ten minute self-hypnosis at the start and end of the day is just like re-starting your laptop when it’s going slow, or shutting it down at the end of the working day.

Try this light version: deep breath in, hold for 2 seconds, deep breathe out, and repeat.  On the next breath out, breathe out your tensions.  Close your eyes and bring to mind something that makes you feel calm (a big oak tree, the ocean, a full moon) now focus all of your attention on that image.  Breathe in the feeling of calm.

You can do this before you get out of your car (at home or at work) before/after a meeting or those times when you really need to think before you speak!  This simple action will give you back control of time and stop it running away from you.

Being able to control your time is one of the keys to better wellbeing.  How different would you feel if you could make that hour having a drink with a friend, or that afternoon you spend with family seem like longer?  Self-hypnosis is one way of achieving that and physical and mental improvements in your wellbeing.

The Masterclass and The Meditation

Here is a free meditation which you can use right now.

Please remember, always use a meditation in the privacy of your home.

Image of clouds and sun - click this to go to the download page.

The masterclasses are a series of training in self-hypnosis you can train as a group or individually.

With the joys of modern technology you can even train via Skype.

You will learn how to apply the techniques of a modern hypnosis for you to use on a personal level.  This is not the same as stage hypnosis – there is no trance required. It is simply a way to connect to your body, brain and mind to benefit your well being.



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