How to live in peace with Endo

Fight Like A Girl.

This is the rallying cry of my endo sisters.  It’s a true one. Living with endometriosis or adenomysosis is one long never ending battle.

A fight to get a diagnosis.

A fight to get effective treatment.

A fight to get to work, to stay in work, to not be fired.

A fight to be understood, not called crazy, or ‘making it up’.

A fight to keep friends.

A fight against exhaustion.

A fight against insomnia.

A fight with foods which trigger symptoms.

On top of all this a constant battle with our own bodies. A battle with the pain. Most of all a battle to never let that pain beat us.  For some of us, it does beat us, suicide does happen. I myself came very close to reaching for that sharp knife in a desperate attempt for anything which would stop the pain.

The pain is the hardest battle of all, there is no cure, there are no drugs which are effective, there is only pain. So we fight like a girl, curled up with our hot water bottles, our drugs, feeling our lives vanishing into duvet days and the four walls of our bedroom.

It’s a vicious circle, the endless fighting to keep going, and to operate in the normal world, drains our resources, the cortisol running havoc in our bodies and depleting our vitamins and minerals.

When I was in my 30’s I caught myself thinking ‘my period is due, if I leave a sharp knife by my bed then I can end it all when it gets too bad‘.  Worst of all it took me a few days before I realised that I needed another plan, despite the fact that it seemed there were no other plans available.

Now I’m in my 40’s I no long fight like a girl.

I am an Endo-goddess, empowered both because of and in spite of my daily experiences with the symptoms of endometriosis.

 I have given up the fight, and so I have won the battle. 


You can read more of my story on this guest blog. “How I managed not to kill myself”

These days, my pain is manageable. My diet is awesome and IBS gone. My fatigue is carefully factored in to my lifestyle. My social life is up and down, (thank goodness for social media) and I have a strong supportive friendships to keep me smiling.

I don’t fight, this means I’m not wasting my energy of trying to be normal. I’m not putting my body through difficult and painful situations for no good reason.

I listen to my bodies needs, I work with my intuition, I treat my condition holistically, with both drugs, hypnosis, diet, supplements, meditation etc etc.

I understand the limits of my life, and so I can still do, plan, live and feel like I have a life worth living.  I have learnt to say No and to put my needs first as much as possible.

I have adjusted my normal, because my normal is the same as millions of other endo sisters across the globe.

I know when I need to break down and have a good blub at the sheer ‘unfairness’ of it all.

I am in a place of acceptance and peace with living with this condition and I continue to search for ways to live free from it, and ways which makes my life easier and easier.

Acceptance does not mean inevitable, it means I am working with what I have with the expectation that change is always a possibility, a discovery yet to make.

Let me leave you with one of my top tips to take care of your body:


Managing the Cortisol release in our body is an oft neglected part of our health regime. Cortisol gets released from chronic pain, so you can imagine you have alot of it. Cortisol then runs avoc through our system depleting and destroying essential vitamins. Replacing those vitamins as fast as you can is really important to help reduce the impact on your fatigue, energy and general wellness.


Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and Herbs

Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and Herbs

Personally I hate taking supplements, I think they are just expensive wee! However then I met Lucy Batham-Reed from who agrees that most tablets we take are wasted. So she developed special combination vitamin sprays.  I love them, when ever I am in pain, or in stress I instantly grab the Vitamin D and Vitamin B sprays from my handbag and replenish my body.  Because they are sprays they go straight into your system (not into your wee) and you can also adjust how much or how little you want to take.  Such a simple and effective way of supporting and nurturing your body in time of crisis.

Lucy has kindly given my blog readers a discount, so if you want to try a spray use the code Transform16 at the shopping cart.

If you would like to continue the conversation about being an #endogoddess then do connect with me on Twitter @JRBSoulMentor or Facebook /joannereevesbaker 
image of Joanne Reeves-Baker describing how to be an endo goddess


If you want to give up the fight and manage your condition with grace and ease then please join me on the Be an endo-goddess programme click here to learn more. 

Joanne Reeves-baker

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A transformation expert at the top of her game following a 15yrs career. Joanne is passionate about creating a new brand of therapists, coaches and healers to spread the power of transformation for the technological age.
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  1. My aunt she died few months ago, she was also a patient , of endometriosis. her last days was so painful & hard for us. but during the surgery we lost her due to excessive bleeding. hope people understand the pain women went through

  2. Thank you for sharing dear this is very helpful blog for me, my aunt she died few months ago, she was also a patient , of endometriosis. her last days was so painful & hard for us. but during the surgery we lost her due to excessive bleeding.

  3. Great blog Joanne… I’ll share this as widely as I can.

    This is so widespread and you are such a support and guide to others.

    I’ll look up the sprays. They sound amazing and really valuable,

    So blessed to have not suffered like this. My mum had terrible periods and when my sister and I were very young, we had some holistic treatment to help us avoid the same and it really worked. My mum and dad were forty years ahead of their time as a naturopath probably saved my dad from a lifetime of crazily high blood pressure,

    Thanks for sharing and being so vulnerable.

  4. Joanne, I’m sure this will help a lot of the other women suffering with endometriosis – pain can be debilitating in every area of our lives, so it’s great to hear you’ve come up with things that help and your personal coping strategies.
    No-ones life should be a fight.

  5. It’s a shame when the imbalance is the body has to be with a fight with those we seek support from… so glad you are able to lead the way for others who feel worn down by #Endo … it has been a really inspiring journey to witness and I am sure the woman who need the insights and support you can share will find you and have their life changed!

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