Easy Steps to Mastering Affirmations

thoughtsThe Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration

Affirmations, they are a bit of a laugh. Conjuring up images of Hollywood films from the 1980’s with the self-smug characters talking at themselves in the mirror. Affirmations are a key tool when working with the Law of Attraction, but they only when work when you understand the Law of Vibration.

When  ‘The Secret’ hit the bookshelves suddenly affirmations became The thing to do. A great belief that if I say 100 times that ‘I am getting a promotion’, then a promotion will just happen.

Of course any metaphysical practitioner will know that, it can happen. Words have power and Manifestation is a powerful tool when you use it right.

But if you are not a metaphysical practitioner, if you haven’t received the right training on manifestation, the law of attraction and the law of vibration well then those words will just remain words. They haven’t been empowered.

Three Steps to Create Your Ultimate Affirmation

So, let’s get you started on a crash course, a short guide so you can start creating a daily affirmation practice that will work for you.

Step One ~ Your Learning Style

What is your learning style? Just as teachers try to adapt their teaching methods to the different learning styles of their students, you must adapt your affirmations to your learning style.
Do you learn by Reading? Writing? Listening?
Are you Creative? Structured?
Are you Left Brained or Right Brained?
There is no point in saying an affirmation out loud 100 times if your brain needs to read it to process it.

Create an affirmation ritual that matches your learning style.

inner magic

Step Two ~ Accurate Words

The words that you use to create affirmations is key. Words have power, so choose the right ones.
The brain and the subconscious mind responds to words very differently to the day-to-day mind.

If you are scared and you said to yourself “I am not scared, I am not scared, I am not scared“, well chances are you’re about to turn and leg it!
The brain needs a very clear instruction. Don’t tell it what not to do! Tell it what it needs to do.

” I am brave”!


Step Three ~ Create the Right Lie.

‘Time is an illusion (*lunchtime doubly so)’.
Live in the now, its great advice. Live in the present, the past can’t be changed and the future isn’t here yet.
This is how people can get confused when creating affirmations.

To change your future, you need to change the present.

It feels weird, as if you are just saying a big fat lie.

The brain doesn’t deal with future thoughts, it deals with the here and the now.

If you say you want something to happen now, and it is not actually happening now, then your mind will instruct your brain to work out how to make that happen.

Turn ‘I will get a promotion’ into ‘I have a promotion’.
Oh, you want a promotion, I’ll get straight on to that then”.

Your brain doesn’t interpret it as a lie, it just recognises that a new instruction has been given.

I let go of that which does not support my higher self


Next Step ~ The Law of Vibration

So putting together an affirmation practice that has powerful words that means the right thing to your brain gives you the tools to manifest and at attract what you want.

However the absolute key to lighting up an affirmation is to understand the Law of Vibration.

Are you connected with the kind of energy that your vibration is operating at?

So do you need to change your vibration to get your affirmations buzzing?

There are many ways that you can try to do this yourself. Singing, Dancing, (find a great song and change the lyrics).

However, shifting your vibration on your own takes time, time, time, repetition, dedication and commitment.

If you would like a guided course on changing your vibration then drop me a text, 07790035963 to find out how.


This course is also taught as part of the Psychodynamic Hypnosis Diploma and Certification.

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  1. Really helpful post Joanne – it’s really easy to forget how our subconscious reacts to the words we use, and the power these can have to bring great things into our lives.

  2. Great advice Joanne. I felt that affirmations weren’t a one hat fits all thing.

    A friend told me that women would benefit form oxytocin breathing before doing affirmations, getting ourselves from an adrenalised state before we started. I can’t remember that exact reason why but the reasoning was that women were best getting into soft power before doing affirmations. Works for me!

  3. Very powerful advice here Joanne…affirmations are a wonderful tool and the more people can understand them the more they will create the life that they truly want. Thanks for sharing your wisdom x

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