You will always find what you’re looking for but miss what you are not.

  • Do you give any sort of presentation or talk?
  • Do you run workshops and want to make the learning more effective?
  • From an audience of 1 to 100?

‘Spice Up Your Speaking ‘ – 2 Day Masterclass

  • Would you like to make more impact?
  • Be memorable?
  • Engage every single person in your audience
  • Get a reputation as a slick and professional speaker?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then this Masterclass is just what you’re looking for.

There are a lot of good speakers and presenters out there and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of them yourself.

But How Would You Like To Become An Exceptional Speaker?

This is way more than a public speaking course, though I will cover how to become a more effective speaker.

This Masterclass will reveal:

The secrets on how to ENGAGE every member of your audience.

Leave them with a LASTING IMPRESSION of you and your message long after you’ve finished.

An amazing DESIGN PROCESS that will give make YOU and your presentations POP.

I’ve been a speaker, presenter and trainer for over a decade and along the way I’ve learnt all the tips and tricks to make me stand out and draw the audience in. Here’s a sample of what people have said about me:

“Great speaker, Roger was excellent in my opinion.”
“Good topic. Got us all thinking and participating.”
“Great talk, really informative, got us all thinking…”
“Fascinating subject”
“My eyes have been opened!”
“Captivating speaker, thoroughly enjoyable”
“Amazing knowledge. Roger always delivers”

Being a great speaker isn’t just about how you come across, but also how you deliver your topic.

Image with quote: 'By the end of this Masterclass you will be able to talk on literally ANY subject and everyone in the audience will be EXCITED and ENTHUSIASTIC about it!'

In fact; I challenge you to make me prove it!

When you book you place on the Masterclass I want you to tell me a topic you’d like me to give a 5 minute presentation on and I guarantee I’ll get every other delegate excited about it!

You’ll always find what you’re looking for but miss what you’re not.

  • If you’re looking to become a more effective and captivating public speaker then you’ll find that on this course!
  • If you’re looking for how to put together a PowerPoint presentation, how many slides to put in, what colours to use and which ones to avoid then you’ll find that on this course!

Here are some more of the hot topics I’ll cover in the Masterclass that you may not be looking for, but you’ll find here:

Design Processes: The different design processes to use depending on the aim of your presentation i.e. is it to get the audience thinking? Are you selling something? Are you sharing your knowledge and skills? Are you delivering an experiential workshop?

The Slides: When it comes to slides how many should you have in a presentation?
How many bullet points should I have and how many words?

Image of a colour chart.Avoid alienating your audience with colours:
You want to engage every single member of your audience, every time and with 1 in 12 men (and I’m one of them!) and 1 in 200 women being colour blind what colours are best to use and which ones should you avoid?
In the UK approximately 6 million people have a mild to severe Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia (Our other trainer Joanne is one of them!). You won’t know who in your audience has an SpLD so I’ll show you through using appropriate colour, fonts and size how to make your presentation as engaging and understandable for them.

Visual aids: How to make best use of PowerPoint, the dos and dont’s, tips and tricks for using flipcharts and whiteboards that will help you have impact and become more professional.

Handouts: When to use them so they are most effective and when to give them out so they don’t become a distraction to your presentation.

Image with the quote: 'Learn how to be an effective and captivating speaker who can engage at all levels.'Question handling: Taking and answering questions and queries from the audience is more difficult than you might think, as is getting questions out of a particularly quiet group!
I’ll share with you how to invite, accept and reframe questions from your audience to keep them engaged and keep those questions coming.

Managing the expert in the room: You are the expert in the room, that’s why you’re giving a talk/presentation. We’ve all been at talks before where someone is perhaps trying to belittle the speaker or feels they know more than you.
There are also times when someone in the audience will have come across your topic before.
This can be unsettling for you which is why I’ll share with you how to manage these people and engage them so they and the rest of your audience still hold you in high regard and you remain professional and proficient.

Learning styles: Again, you won’t know the learning styles of every person in the room but I can show you how you can make your presentation suitable for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners, again ensuring you get engagement from everyone.

Left brain right brain 2Mixing the masculine and feminine energy: What would a Masterclass from me be if I didn’t show you how to create a synergy with your masculine and feminine energy when presenting?
It would be just another public speaking course, which this is most definitely not!
If you’re not using both your masculine and feminine energy then you’re only half as good as you can be and I want to help you be the best.

This is not just another public speaking course. There will be sessions on how to speak in public, such as:

Image of an iceberg relating to the impact of your communication. Verbal is the tip of the iceberg above the water and and non verbal is the larger part of the iceberg under the water.Tone, tempo, pitch: Public speaking is very different from chatting to your friends or family. The tone, tempo and pitch you use are all different.
I’ll show you how to make the most of your voice to project outward and draw the audience inward.

Non-verbal communication: I’ll demonstrate the importance of non-verbal communication in presenting and speaking so if you’re worried you move around too much/too little or you think you wave your arms around I’ll share with you the secrets as to whether this really is the case.
For those of you that have seen me talk you’ll know I do a lot of it sitting down and I’ll share with you the secret of why that makes such an impact and how you can make just as big a splash.

Fear no more: If you have any fear of presenting/speaking then I’ll deal with the conscious level stuff getting in the way that will give you the confidence to know you’re doing things right.
Not only that, but Joanne will help you deal with anything in the subconscious that is preventing you from being at your best.
You may not even be aware of this fear, where it comes from, or that you even have it, but as we say at the Advanced Transformation Academy, you’ll always find what you’re looking for but miss what you are not, and this may be in the latter.

Image of a lightbulb with the quote: 'Learn the only design process you will ever need to become an engaging and effective speaker.'All the best learning is experiential and this Masterclass is no different.
You’ll get a chance to put everything you’ve learnt into practice* and give a 10 minute presentation on a topic of your choice and receive personal feedback on just how great you are.
If you already have a presentation you’re working on or you give regularly, bring it with you so you can make real-time improvements.

*The Masterclass is very interactive, but we like our delegates to accept our challenges by choice. If you don’t want to join in that’s absolutely cool, if you learn better by observing others and practising later there’s nothing wrong with that, neither Joanne or I will make you do something you’re not comfortable with.

At the end of this very special 2 day Masterclass you’ll have so many nuggets of information and improvements that the next time you present/speak/run a workshop you and your delegates will be amazed.
The better you are at presenting and speaking, the more in demand you will be.
The more in demand you are the greater your visibility which can only be good for your business and achieving your dreams and goals.

Places are limited to 10 per course.

Thursday 30th and Friday 31st July Chichester.

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th September Chichester.

If I have more than 10 people on the Masterclass you won’t get the valuable learning and feedback you deserve.
If you’re only just getting into presenting and speaking then this Masterclass is for you. Even if you’ve been doing it a while I guarantee there’ll be things you’ll pick up that you didn’t know you were looking for.

You can get all this invaluable expertise that you can apply right away to your business or work for only £130 all in, for both days of training and learning.

I’m really passionate and excited about this Masterclass and I can’t wait to see you there!

Get in touch if you have any questions (use the info in the right hand column) or book now and reserve your place.


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