Business Mentoring for Personal Development Professionals.

Roger, Business Mentor

If you’re a coach, mentor, therapist or any other type of professional that helps people, then you’ll know one of the many challenges that come with running a business is for most of us, being a business-person comes second to being a coach/mentor/therapist.

Think back to a time before you became a coach/therapist. Before you set up in business you will have undertaken some specialist training in that area to be a competent professional with all the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities to help people. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t just wake up one day and decide that you can be a coach, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, NLP practitioner etc without any training would you?

But did you attend weeks, months or years of business training before you set up your practice? Probably not. Why? You wouldn’t dream of working with other people/clients and risk getting it wrong and making things worse for them, but isn’t that what you’re doing to yourself now having not got qualifications in business? You wouldn’t treat a client like that, so why treat yourself this way?

When it comes to being a self-employed sole-trader our main focus is usually on how to get more clients. So we then take on the roles of Business Growth Manager, Marketing Director, HR Director, Research & Development Manager, Sales Manager, Accounting and Finance Director and many more besides. Did your professional coach/therapist course teach you how to be all of these people as well? I’m guessing it didn’t. So you probably just blindly went about learning through trial and error (and sometimes through costly trials and errors!) to get to where you are now.

Where are you now? If you’re below the break-even point and your business is costing you more to run than you’re bringing in, how much longer can you sustain that? If you’re just breaking even that’s not going to satisfy you for long as sooner or later you’re going to dip below that line and start losing money. If you’ve got a steady flow of clients then great! However, if you rest on your laurels and plateau your business too will start to decline.

Unlike most; in my first career (which was completely unrelated to what I do now!) I knew I wanted to teach people about how to run a business; I have a passion for business equalled by my passion for teaching so I undertook degree studies in this area, knowing it would take me several years of hard work before I would be ready, but I wanted to be able to do a good job and provide a valuable service to my clients, just as you will have studied for years in your professional field in order to provide the best possible quality of service to your clients. My first career ended sooner than I planned, but that’s just how it is sometimes, but thankfully I was ready to start a second career doing what I love. So now, alongside co-running a business; I teach business studies on Higher Education programmes and I think it’s important you know where I’m coming from; I’m not someone who runs a small business and just wants to share how I was successful, like you; I’m an expert in my field and can apply what I do to any size of business at any stage.

However, that is just one side of the coin. I can guide and support you through all the necessary actions you need to take to make your business dream a reality and empower you to continue on the path of success. However, it’s no good me giving you all that invaluable knowledge and skills if it then generates, or stirs up any of the following types of feelings that all people have (not just business owners like us):

Fears of judgement; what will other people think?

Fear of failure, suppose I can’t do it?

Fear of not being good enough.

Fear of success – yes, fear of success! Some people will, mostly unconsciously, fall at the final hurdle as they have a fear of what success will bring.

Joanne, Heart & Mind Mentor

This is where I come in. One of the reasons why Roger and I work so well together is the synergy we create when we combine our efforts and our output triples: 1 + 1 = 3.

For nearly two decades I’ve been working with hearts and minds of people that want to be better than they are; to succeed and achieve their goals; to rid themselves of past experiences and events that are holding them back in the present, to name but a few. Giving you the external knowledge skills and abilities to run a successful business is what Roger does best, but as he mentioned, he’s come up against blockages in clients (as I’m sure you have) where there is something stopping them from achieving their goals, even if they tell you they could not be more motivated to achieve.

When running a business it is vitally important to have a ‘business persona’. Think about the subtle differences we have when we’re in the company of close friends, family, work colleagues, the boss, strangers etc. We’re not always the same person. We let out more of our personality to close friends and loved ones compared to how much strangers get to see of us. This is something that is easy to do as we’ve had our whole lives to practice it. Then you start and run your own business and it’s all new territory and one thing that is holding you back is not having a business persona – that side of you that is a businessman/businesswoman.

So I will work with you using all my experience and techniques to ensure your head and heart are ready for continued success and that your business goals are matched to your personal values, you will have no fear of judgement, you won’t be held back by thoughts of ‘what if it all goes wrong? What will peole think of me?’ There’s no room for negativity in your business so we’ll remove it and replace it with positivity and renewed drive.

We’d like to offer you a business mentoring programme that is tailored to suit the specific needs of your enterprise. First up we will say that, despite what you may have seen and been tempted by, there are no short cuts, no ‘7 steps to becoming a millionaire coach/therapist’, they just don’t exist.

You will need to invest time and patience to your business and this programme if you want to get real, sustainable results. We don’t have a process to try and shoehorn you and your business into. Together we’ll take a holistic look at you and your business and decide upon what needs to most urgent action in order to get more clients and therefore earn more money. You can think of it as putting together a jigsaw puzzle, maybe we’ll work on all the outside bits first and create the frame to fill. Or perhaps we’ll start the frame, then see a few pieces that go together in the middle. Either way, we’ll build your business-big-picture together for success and develop you and your new business persona to support your career goals.

If you’re ready to develop yourself and your business then you can work with us in any of the following ways:

1. Start with an intensive, 2 to 1 day. Roger and Joanne will host you at a suitable location close to where you live, but away from your business, where your ideas and aspirations will be free to run wild.

2. Join our group mastermind programme. A six month investment in time, space and creativity for your business. Unravel any self sabotage, turn around the thoughts of your inner critic, create the perfect strategy for your business dreams.

Drop us a note via the box in the right hand column or give us a call to find out the right mentoring programme for you.

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