Mentor Training

Here at the advanced transformation academy we offer different levels of mentoring courses:

Master Mentor Stage One (basic)

For beginners or those with basic training. Ready to start a new career or add mentoring to their current career.

Master Mentor Stage Two (advanced)

For those who are already mentoring/coaching/training. This course is focused on raising your level of training to offer High End Mentoring and if you work with people with the need to improve performance.

Intuitive Mentorship

If you already work as a mentor or coach and want to increase your clients ability to work with their intuitive, creative side. This course will also increase your own intuitive ability to laser in on the priorities and blockages of your clients.

Mentoring Groups

If you work as a trainer, facilitate workshops or groups this course gives you extra tools and skills to get the very best out of your clients in a group situation.

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Careful cultivation of skills


Our programmes will develop your existing interpersonal skills as well as equip you with new ones in areas such as:

  • Rapport building
  • Questioning and listening techniques
  • Interventions
  • Giving and receiving of feedback


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Create Magnificent Growth


Underpinned with theoretical models of human behaviour including:

  • Motivation
  • Learning styles
  • Resistance to change
  • Principles of archetypes and transformation


You will learn and practice working intuitively to understand an individual’s perspective, to become a leading mentor to make changes in their personal and/or professional lives.

The skills and techniques you will learn on these courses can be applied to a wide variety of sectors, so on successful completion of this programme you can be a leading mentor in your chosen field, coupling your skills and experience with these new tools to become an expert, a guide, an inspiration for others.

Please download the syllabus for the mentoring courses or get in touch for more information.

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