Asymmetrical Coaching and Intuitive Mentoring

A course for the progressive coach, mentor, trainer, therapist or healer to take their transformation practice to the next level. Who are ready to:

  • Work with clients on a deeper level.
  • Get faster results.
  • See your clients leap into action
  • Confidently charge more for advanced skills.
  • Be recognised as an expert.

As a coach you already know the importance of ‘answers being inside you’.

You know also there is a balance for your clients between information from training, expert help and understanding how to listen to what is right for them.

This course fills in the missing gaps that will allow your transformation skills to really impact your client’s actions and behaviours with their emotional motivation on side.

Image with quote: 'The hidden agenda is to avoid change.'

The hidden agenda is to avoid change.

 Your Asymmetrical Coaching and Mentoring Course will include the following advanced training:

Part One:

  • “How to safely challenge your client’s beliefs to create change in action and behaviour.
  • How to use Logical Levels interventions to empower your client to achieve their goals/dreams/desires.
  • The role of the transformational leader – recognising it in yourself and instilling it in others.
  • Managing human aspects of change – how to understand what type of motivation your client needs to allow change to happen.
Asymmetrical Coaching, the answer for the 21st Century.

Asymmetrical Coaching, the answer for the 21st Century.

Part Two

  • Right brain/left brain roles; what each side does and how to harness the correct side at the correct time.
  • The evolved animal; how instincts are affecting your client’s everyday life now and how to listen to them and get them working for you.
  • The myth of the ego; a misunderstood term, what it really means for you and your client.
  • Access intuition; what makes it, how to trust it, develop it in you and your client.
  • The Role of Emotion; when to use it, when to let it go.

This is a three day certified course at a cost of £500.
The next course dates are 5th, 12th and 19th June 2014.

The venue will be on the Hampshire/West Sussex border depending upon numbers.

We look forward to sharing the information in these courses with you, so that your skills as a coach/mentor or guide will take your clients to whole new levels.
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Your Trainers

This course has been designed by our leading trainer in coaching and mentoring, Roger Burrell, who has utilised his 15 years’ experience as a Sergeant in the Royal Air Force to create this unique course in becoming a leading mentor.

Roger is a veteran of Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and Iraq and knows first hand what it is like to deal with people with a different world view from our own and how to challenge that view safely and to achieve impact and results.

The intuitive mentoring phase of the programme has been designed by our lead trainer in hypnotherapy, psychological and metaphysical theories, Joanne Reeves-Baker.

A leading transformation expert Joanne brings her skills and 20 years’ experience of working with the right side of the brain to demonstrate how quickly you can get results from working intuitively.

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