Coaching and Mentoring

Have you got what it takes to be a mentor?

Here at the transformation academy we are actively looking for coaches, experts, leaders and therapists who are ready to take their services to a deeper level with their clients.

Mentoring is not for the faint hearted.

A mentor is one who is a guide, an expert, someone who walks their talk. A mentor will not be afraid to challenge, to advise, to be provocative and even be disliked by their client in order to facilitate their mentee to change their belief systems, coping skills for a challenging lifestyle and most importantly find success in the area that they need to get working in their life best.

Mentoring is very different from coaching, whilst being on same spectrum of service (to facilitate a change for the better with a client). Unlike a coach, a mentor will expand from more than what the client already knows. It’s not always within the client already. If you are a coach already you will enjoy the subtle difference between coaching and mentoring.

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