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A transformation expert at the top of her game following a 15yrs career. Joanne is passionate about creating a new brand of therapists, coaches and healers to spread the power of transformation for the technological age.

How to live in peace with Endo

Fight Like A Girl. This is the rallying cry of my endo sisters.  It’s a true one. Living with endometriosis or adenomysosis is one long never ending battle. A fight to get a diagnosis. A fight to get effective treatment. … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Peace and Goodwill at Christmas

The road to peace and goodwill is a challenging one! Busy shopping streets, planning food and drink, the dreaded relatives; to name but a few.  There are going to be times in the run up to and including Christmas day … Continue reading


Talking is a waste of time.

Women love to talk, and men don’t! Personally I don’t buy into this sweeping separation of the sexes. We all know know people who fall into both camps. Many men love a good gossip, many women would rather sit back … Continue reading

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Guilt is an excuse to be bad

Guilt; The Manipulative Emotion Joanne Reeves-Baker, Speaker, Mentor, Hypnotherapist Guilt in fact isn’t even an emotion at all. It’s a very strange state of mind that has evolved independently of our biological needs.  All true emotions have a direct correlation … Continue reading

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The Secrets of Self Sabotage

The Key to Self Sabotage Joanne Reeves-Baker, Trainer, Speaker, Mentor. It’s a common theme, regardless of your niche, your clientèle or your particular issue, that feeling of shooting yourself in the foot. Of Being in the Same Place Again!!! I … Continue reading

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